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Each quarter, Audace Digital Learning offers an event for its customers and prospects, on key themes of innovation in training. COVID obliges, the latest event to date took place remotely, with an online demonstration of training simulators for driving lifting and handling equipment in virtual reality.


In order to advance prevention and reduce the risk of accidents, Audace Digital Learning has developed a range of off-the-shelf VR simulators dedicated to driving industrial and logistics vehicles. These innovative and operational products have already won over big names in the sector. Lately, AFTRAL, the largest transport and logistics training center in France, acquired 50 training kits for operating auxiliary cranes and nacelles. A press conference sealed this partnership and gave AFTRAL the opportunity to review the key success factors of these products.

Connected and intelligent, Audace Digital Learning’s immersive off-the-shelf VR simulators are designed for initial training or renewal of CACES® driving licenses.

During this presentation, Jérôme Poulain, Associate Director of Audace Digital Learning, reviewed the value of virtual reality simulators for training in machine operation and offered several demonstrations of typical exercises. The driving training simulators of:

  • Crane and gantry driving simulator (CACES® R484).
  • C5 reach truck driving simulator (CACES® R489).
  • PEMP driving simulator (nacelle) (CACES® R486)
  • Auxiliary crane driving simulator (CACES® R490).
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