Customized Digital Learning

Audace Digital Learning designs and develops interactive and fun-learning modules. They are punctuated, precise and individualized. To be effective, each employee must improve his knowledge and practice throughout his professional life. Up a face-to-face session, every day in small touches, in support of a mobility…

the Audace Digital Learning modules encourage the skill rise. At the request of healthcare institutions, laboratories or heath service providers, Audace Digital Learning designs or develops tailor-made training programs for healthcare workers, medical professionals or patients. (Therapeutic education). Always in collaboration with the business experts.

On-Shelf INTS Training Courses

Since January 2017, Audace Digital Learning has obtained the exclusive broadcasting and distribution of the INTS Digital Learning courses. INTS (French national Institute of Blood Transfusion) is in charge of transfusion safety in France as well as training health professionals who prescribe or manipulate labile products. The modules produced by Audace Digital Learning are the unique training courses related to Blood Transfusion scientifically and pedagogically validated by the INTS.

To date, the INTS has produced 5 e-learning modules: EF02 (the transfusion act and its controls), EF04 (Operating procedures of an emergency blood deposit and / or relay), EF05 (labile blood product prescriptions), EF06 (Good Practices for Transport of labile blood products) and EF07 (training in immunology)… Note, EF02 is a valid e-learning training that requires no additional face-to-face (case studies have proven to be equally effective). All INTS trainings are accessible in SAS mode.

On-Shelf Nursing Training

For 5 years, Audace Digital Learning has been developing its catalog of e-learning courses for nurses with the help of medical experts. All courses are designed on a pedagogical mode that improves the learner’s involvement and the memorization of knowledge in a fun and practical way. A skill assessment closes each course. 5 courses are already available, all in SAS mode. Each learner gets a license for 1 year.

Paying tribute to Florence Nightingale, pioneer of modern nursing, the collection of training modules in nursing has to date 4 opus: Florence Blood transfusion (serious game), Florence Fire safety (e-learning + serious game), Florence Infectious risks (serious game or e-learning), Florence Drug circuit (serious game). 3 new e-learning modules are coming: Florence Pressure ulcer treatment, Florence Radioprotection and Florence Identity vigilance.

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