Structuring training in stages over a long time is a strong demand from HR professionals. This facilitates content assimilation, practice and regular feedback. E-learning perfectly meets this objective, by providing learners with short training modules. In addition, they can access where they want, when they want and as many times as they want! Integrating assessments, the e-learning modules allow tutors and learners to measure the evolution of knowledge.

For nearly 20 years, Audace has been designing and producing e-learning modules. Audace Digital Learning can help integrate these digital tools into a global training course. The e-learning modules designed by Audace Digital Learning can be enriched with different media (2D animation, 3D, video …), be available in as many languages as desired and be easily deployed on a large number of media (computer, tablet …).

Serious Game

The “serious game” combines serious intent (educational, informative …) and game. By integrating a playful pedagogy using the springs of video games, the serious game is a very motivating self-learning tool. It wakes up the desire to win and pushes the learner to complete his training by being very involved. The game requires an implementation of theoretical knowledge in a fun context. Thanks to the scenario, the serious game allows both to acquire knowledge and skills.

By offering the right balance between game play and content rigor, Audace Digital Learning develops serious games that perfectly meet the learning objectives and improve learning. Audace Digital Learning has acquired great expertise in game design, game play and development. This makes Audace Digital Learning a strong partner for the creation of serious games that adapt to any support (fixed or mobile) and technological requirements. They can be deployed in multiple languages.

Immersive Learning

Immersive learning is a training method based on virtual or augmented reality. Immersion learning allows you to train in a simulated environment to accelerate and amplify your performance in the real world. You can prepare yourself for future situations (situations where safety is important, which require to know how to use or maintain a machine), to confront rare situations (dangerous or expensive to actually reproduce) or to overcome equipment unavailability.

Since 2000, Audace Digital Learning has acquired strong expertise in virtual reality with, in particular, the creation of industrial simulators: crane driving, polar bridges, cranes, port cranes or forklifts simulators. Some are multi-screen booth simulators, others operate through virtual headsets. Audace Digital Learning develops also solutions with augmented reality. For one of its customer, the company has developed a school site based on the AR.

Blended Learning

Mix learning or blended learning is a concept that combines various teaching methods to make them more effective. Whether the training focuses on a trade, a process, a skill or a know-how, the goal is to combine both digital learning and human presence in a philosophy of reverse pedagogy.

Mix learning combines traditional training devices with digital world solutions and innovation. Capturing movements, augmented reality, holography… new devices for a new pedagogy. With them, we can imagine school sites with augmented reality, multi-players and collaborative games. As a partner of university laboratories, Audace Digital Learning enriches its projects with technical and user innovations.

LMS / LCMS platforms

LMS platforms are software that manages training in Digital Learning. They bring together the essential tools for the users (trainers, learners, administrators) with the consultation of the pedagogical modules, the individualisation of the learning (via the attribution of personalized training courses) and the tutoring (follow-up of the curricula learners: completeness of the trainings and evaluations). They also allow the administrative management of the documents associated with the training.

LCMS platforms also offer a publisher of educational content. Audace Digital Learning designs and develops tools for creating, distributing and reporting e-training courses. Audace Digital Learning has created an easy to use and robust home solution to meet specific needs or adapt “Moodle”, an open source platform to the specific requests of its customers. Audace Digital Learning masters the SCORM / AICC standardization which is necessary for the integration of educational content.

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