INTS EF 02 : The transfusion act and its controls (3h30)
Performing a transfusion act requires mastering the 5 stages of its process and their critical points. Each of these steps is detailed in this module, and accompanied by interactive case studies.

INTS EF 04 : Operating procedures of a blood deposit (emergency and / or relay) (3h)
This module is intended to know the blood deposit operating procedures (emergency and / or relay), according to the regulatory requirements in order to be able to deliver labile blood products in emergency situation and / or to transfer them to the care units.

INTS EF 06 : Good transport practices (3h30)
Safe transportation is essential when dealing with labile blood products or human blood samples. In accordance with the decree of April 4, 2002, this module addresses all the points to know: generalities on the blood and its constituents, regulations, documents, constraints, rules of hygiene and safety related to the transport.

INTS EF 05 : Labile blood products prescriptions (3h30)
This module is perfect to acquire or update its knowledge in transfusion therapy and ensure an informed and safe prescription of labile blood products (in line with the Heath High Authority recommendations). It contains interactive case studies to practice the prescription of labile blood products in various clinical situations.

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