Now, a new e-learning course has entered the blood transfusion market: EF09 “Transfusion safety and characteristics of Labile Blood Products! “(30 min.)

Designed by the expert doctors of the National Institute of Blood Transfusion with the help of health executives, this new e-learning course provides, in only 30 minutes, the fundamental principles of Labile Blood Products. Particularly efficient, this module is based on the latest findings in neurosciences. The objective for the learner is to be able to recognize and master the Labile Blood Products as defined in the regulation of April 2019.

Indeed, the list of labile blood products and their characteristics defined in 2010 has been updated, in particular concerning :

  • the complete overhaul and restructuring of the sections of Labile Blood Products with, in particular, a reduction to 5 sections instead of 8;
  • the classification of the Labile Blood Products according to their frequency of use and specific sections for the rarer Labile Blood Products, for a quick access to the most useful information for the users of the Labile Blood Products ;
  • Examples of important updates: the shelf life of Platelet Concentrates from 5 days to 7 days. Another example is that all Platelet Concentrates now benefit from pathogen inactivation treatment with amotosalen, which contributes to improving the infectious safety of transfusions.

The changes brought about by these new regulations are not dramatic. However, they are important and unavoidable for the users of Labile Blood Products and patient safety.

In short, this new e-learning module is a complete, highly didactic and simplified tool to understand everything in just 30 minutes.


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