The INTS catalog National Institute of Blood Transfusion marketed by Audace
Designed for laboratory technicians, the latest training created by INTS (EF07) is an e-learning aimed at ensuring the reliability of immuno-hematological results. Faced with the observation of an anomaly during the execution of an analysis, the learner has to know how:

  • implementing the identity-vigilance checks of the pre-analytical phase in a relevant and adapted way;
  • adopting an attitude consistent with the rules of good practices in the immuno-hematology laboratory.

In the INTS catalog, there are also:
• EF 02: The transfusion act and its controls for health managers, nurses and midwives
• FY 04: Procedures for the operation of a blood deposit (emergency and / or relay) for biologists, nurses, midwives and laboratory technicians
• EF 05: Labile blood products prescriptions for prescribing doctors
• EF 06: Labile blood products good transport practices for hospital agents, transport agents and delivery drivers.


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