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Each year, you spend a large budget on the professional training of your teams. But yet, when we know that an adult’s level of attention drops by 80% after 10 minutes, it is a good idea to question the cost-effectiveness of post-training training. In this fourth webinair made by Audace Digital Learning, Jérôme Poulain discusses the recipe for a good evaluation strategy.


To be fully effective, it goes without saying that training should not remain at the level of theoretical knowledge. On the contrary, it must be easily transferable to the work environment. So, to ensure the ability of learners to put into practice the concepts covered, training evaluation is a key tool that should be seen as a pedagogical element in its own right.

Several questions must then be asked:

Should we evaluate? Simple as it is, this question deserves to be asked! Evaluation of training has become systematic in our companies today. However, the time spent developing an assessment can be very costly if the results of the assessment are not used. It is therefore essential to properly set the training objectives upstream to define the best evaluation strategy.

How to assess ? Diagnostic, formative, summative evaluation … What are the different possibilities available to you and how do you make the right choice ?

What should be evaluated ? acquiring knowledge or putting it into practice in the field?

When should you assess ? Hot scoring does not serve the same purposes as cold scoring. The first allows the collection of qualitative data (measurement of the experience of its user, identification of shortcomings, misunderstandings or unanswered questions, etc.). The second, for its part, helps to ensure memory anchoring by fighting against the curve of oblivion. But then, at a distance from training, should we evaluate? We will speak here of space learning.

Should all learners be assessed in the same way ? Age, experience, background … play an important role in the ability of learners to memorize information. It is therefore necessary to adapt the evaluation method to the target audience. For this, you can find our article on the different forms of learners.

How to use the resources after ? To ensure the effectiveness of training, the assessment must therefore be positioned as an educational element as such.

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