E-Learning Industry

Many industries have entrusted Audace with the development of their e-learning modules. After having developed, over 15 years ago, a complete catalog of training dedicated to independent maintenance (lubrication, lubrication, hydraulics, clamping, alignment simulator …) for Arcelor Mittal, Audace Digital Learning has accompanied many customers in setting up their e-learning training courses: automotive industry, aeronautics, logistics, energy ...

Audace Digital Learning provides its expertise in educational engineering, design, mediatization and development. By working in close collaboration with its customer business experts, Audace Digital Learning creates cutting-edge, engaging and motivating training modules. E-learning devices make it possible to increase knowledge, to discover and master new hardware or software, to transmit the essential security rules…

Serious Game Industry

Serious games are self-learning tools that are particularly adapted to give a transversal “business” over-view. In the industry, serious games meet the needs of operational staff who have to quickly develop skills in a particular and evolving environment. Discover a new industrial tool through missions to accomplish, train to work safely while playing seriously, become more innovative through a multi-player game dealing with collective intelligence…

Game design, game play, development … Audace Digital Learning masters the know-how for the development of serious games. Audace Digital Learning’s employees have also acquired a good knowledge of industry world, which enables them to quickly understand experts and to know the pedagogical and edutainment solutions that are appropriate for this or that need. Arcelor Mittal, Orano, Keolis, and many other clients, appreciated the commitment to the training that Audace serious games create.

Customized Simulation

Audace Digital Learning reproduces real-world work environments in 3D simulations. The learner can roam, confront risks, manipulate tools or software, control gear and production lines. These devices are particularly efficient to accelerate learner autonomy and ability by testing his reactions in normal or degraded mode. In which you can even introduce more and more serious incidents.

Audace Digital Learning masters the design of simulators from A to Z, whether they operate as a subjective camera, a multi-screen booth or 3D glasses or helmets. For Arcelor Mittal, Audace Digital Learning has simulated an entire factory (scale 1: 1). The learner must carry out missions such as reestablishing a process, piloting a production line, carrying out a maintenance intervention … always with an evaluation of his actions to enable him to progress.

On-Shelf Simulators

Audace Digital Learning simulates all logistic gear driven from the ground (button box, front plate …) or in a booth (scale 1/1). Audace Digital Learning recreates 3D environments, objects and characters. Each scenario is close to reality and stages special and critical situations. At the request of its customers, Audace Digital Learning is developing a range of on-shelf simulators.

Audace VR immersive driving simulators are intelligent and connected. The range of on-shelf simulators meets 5 uses: driving forklifts, portals, industrial cranes, industrial polar bridges and cranes. Turnkey solutions for learning and improving driving, the on-shelf simulators have the advantage of being immediately available at lower cost.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) enters the new learning modes of vocational training. It enriches situations in the real world by decrypting the informative and educational potential. Another interest: augmented reality is mobile. The memorization of information is no longer the essence of training since the information is accessible at any time. It’s more about knowing what you want to look for than knowing the content.

For EDF nuclear, Audace Digital Learning was able to explore the full potential of an augmented reality project. Audace Digital Learning has designed a device on tablets to initiate risk management in the nuclear world. With a tablet, the learner must explore an environment full of dangers appearing in augmented reality. He must adopt the right reaction.

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