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Obviously, the health context we are experiencing is initiating many upheavals in the life of our companies, pushing many of them to review their economic model. Since 2015, the transformation of industrial companies has already been the subject of a national mobilization in favor of the modernization of the production tool through new, digital and non-digital technologies. Known as the Industry of the Future or Industry 4.0, this mobilization was already the subject of support measures for SMEs and mid-cap companies.

This aid, defined by decree, will make it possible to take charge of 40% of your investments in a technology (augmented or virtual reality, Smart Maintenance tools, etc.).


Up to € 200,000, ceiling authorized by the de minimis regime

Up to € 800,000, ceiling authorized by the temporary COVID regime if your business is eligible

Beyond that, you will be able to benefit from a subsidy under the SME aid scheme, with no limit on the amount, with a rate of 20% for small businesses and 10% for medium-sized businesses.


Example for the purchase of an augmented reality Smart Maintenance tool valued at € 100,000:

  • State subsidy: € 20,000
  • Remainder to pay: € 30,000

Now is the time to take the plunge!


Interested companies must submit a grant application to the Services and Payment Agency before December 15, 2020 if COVID regime, otherwise before December 31, 2020 and before any start of execution of the property. The decree and the information notice can be downloaded HERE


We give you an appointment in 2021!

With 20 years of experience, Audace Digital Learning has acquired first-rate experience in the field of smart maintenance and the implementation of security processes assisted by augmented reality and virtual reality solutions. Our products have already won over big names in the industry. We will be delighted to work with you on the development of your projects and to support you in your digital transition.

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