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With 20 years of experience, AUDACE DIGITAL LEARNING has in its DNA, the playful instruction.

Indeed, the serious game answers to the attention,  motivation and commitment requirements which allow to benefit from completeness rates of satisfactory courses.

The playful instruction on which AUDACE DIGITAL LEARNING is based answers to 3 stages:

  1. To get the attention

Without attention, there can be no understanding and memorization. To get, a prerequisite :

To create a « positive feeling ».

  1. To keep motivation

It’s about to rest on motivation levers such as:

  • to solve puzzles by betting on the desire to find solutions;
  • to get rewards by providing feedbacks after each activity;
  • to arouse curiosity by provoking the desire to discover, to explore;
  • To have surprises by using the discrepancy, metaphors, gamification.
  1. To work the memorization

To assure memorization, it is essential, at the end of the course, to make reproduce the information as part as activity involving the news knowledges.

To design these playful learning courses, AUDACE  DIGITAL LEARNING uses various gamification processes matching with 4 big learner profiles (taxomanie by Bartle). Thus, the motivation of the « killer » being competition, this learning profile must be challenged. The « explorer » rather looks for innovation and surprise and he gladly goes to discover an universe and its rules. The « Achiever » as for him the aim to finish the game,  having gone around  possessing  as many  rewards as possible. Finally, the « Socializer » promotes first of all the interactions with the oher players. In the sharing, this cooperative likes playing on a multi-players mode… The proposed scenarios adapt the types of learners that we are going to adress.


Convinced of the added-value of gamification thus worked, AUDACE DIGITAL LEARNING wished to integrate it to its immersive learning propositions (simulators, VR – Virtual Reality -, mixed reality…). Indeed, the immersive learning is too often a simple duplication of a task or a real mission in a virtual universe. It is true that it is particularly relevant when it is a question of training and that exercise conditions are rare, hard to reproduce, or dangerous; when it is necessary to acquire a precise gesture which will be repeated many; when we predict a delicate operation and we have to master its technically.


But, they are not the only smart use cases of the Immersive Learning. Combined with playful instruction, the immersive learning devices can be particularly powerful. Plunged into his virtual world, the learner is invited to perform a serious game corresponding to his profile. His attention and his motivation are very quickly acquired whereas the immersive learning, naturally multisensory, will exercise his differents types of memories: visual, auditory and motor. Last but not least, it’s easy with Immersive Learning to create « Multi-players » scenarios based on co-activity, coordination…


An example of creation ?

For the participants on nuclear sites, the last Serious Game created by AUDACE DIGITAL LEARNING for Orano aims to significantly improve the risk prevention. In order to strengthen commitment of the learners but also to surprise them by taking them out on their comfort zone which is the universe they know (sometimes too well!), the bias was to declare the learning. The scenario was inspired by the serie « Lost ».

Synopsis ? A plane crashes on a desert island  and when the player wakes up, he is alone. However, he can communicate by radio. The caller will guide the player to survive. To do this, the player will have to proceed to a succession of manoeuvers, which each deal with a specific risk related to the field of nuclear agents.

ORANO – Prévention des risques


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