What are the specific assets for immersive learning?

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With 20 years of experience, AUDACE DIGITAL LEARNING became a Digital Learning recognised actor with a sharp expertise in the health and industry field. It’s for and thanks to its industrial partners (Arcelor Mittal, Orano, Bridgestone…) that AUDACE DIGITAL LEARNING marks its differenciation with an innovating and performing Immersive Learning offer (simulators, VR – Virtual Reality -, mixed reality…). But why to use this way of learning ?

So, what are the specific assets ?

Immersive Learning is an apprenticeship by virtual reality simulation. Let’s start with a little etymology in the world of tehcho… VIRTUA (Virtual), « It says when everything is there, present, that nothing is missing from reality». To talk about virtual reality, is therefore to be placed on the side of potentiality, the second before anything happens… The latin root of Immersion « IN » « MERGO » involves a full dive… So let’s dive fully in an environment faithfull to a pre-reality or a post-reality…

Agreed… But why should we go through there? Actually, we can memorize by 4R, cases where the Immersive Learning is particularly relevant :

  • R as RARE

When the exercise conditions are rare or difficult to reproduce.

  • R as RISK

When the learning takes place in dangerous environments.


When it must acquire a precise gesture which will be repeated many times.


When we predict a delicate operation and it must master the technicity.


Once these cases have been identified, simulation learning in virtual reality requires some prerequisites. The learner must feel immediatly present in the virtual environment.The environment in which it is immersed must therefore look like as closely as posible to real life. The necessary equipment to the simulation is judicious in that sense (simulator or helmet, virtual or mixed reality…) and the quality of the reproduced universe is an experience success key factor.


But a simple dive into the virtual is not enough ! As all learning device, Immersive learning necessitates a scriptwritting (a story, tale, action plan to live fully) which parted off one or more short times (experimentation by focus from 5 to 15 min concentration) and an evaluation with a reliable validation of the expertise by an undeniable sampled process.


Immersive learning has the huge asset of being multisensory. Indeed, 4 senses are already mobilisables: vision by VR helmet (virtual reality), hearing by means of natural sounds and spacialized sounds, touch by means of haptics gloves or sensitive equipment, smell by means of atmosphere diffuser…

Immersive learning can thus engage:

  • Motor functions: body involvement in action, strength, ability, resistance to effort, repetition of exact gesture…
  • Emotional functions: development of self-confidence or others; vigilance; experimentation of his limits especially with the capture of the possible physiological data as heart rate, temperature…
  • Sensory functions: sound, vibration, temperature, smell, objects, textures, physical properties…
  • At the same time, immersive learning is certainly the best tool to get enough retention from its learners. In fact, according to the psychiatrist William GLASSER (1925-2013), we only memorize 10% of what we read, 20% of what we heard, 30% of what we see…and… 50% of what we see and heard. But, we retain 80% of what we try…

Last point, don’t reduce immersive learning to the training of a solo learner living a virtual experience. The immersive learning environments understand a big array of format: games, simulations, virtual worlds… So we can imagine as much « Mono-player » trainings to develop an ability, a technical gesture, to this or that operational expertise as « Multi-players » which will reclaim a co-activity, coordination, softskill development…


Vidéo : www.youtube.com/watch?v=YMsAuCpdjpE&t=12s

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