As part of the ongoing training for its employees, TotalEnergies has entrusted Audace Digital Learning with the development of e-learning training modules dedicated to the use of common tools in the process industry. Following ‘Centrifugal Pumps’ and ‘Reciprocating Compressors,’ this new e-learning program aims to train the Group’s technicians in the use of centrifugal compressors to guide them towards operational excellence.

Consisting of 3 e-learning modules, the program also includes an immersive 3D capsule dedicated to the practical application of the training. The operator must ensure that the machine is functioning correctly while familiarizing themselves with the equipment.

A pre-course and post-course assessment in the form of multiple-choice questions (QCM) allows for measuring the evolution of knowledge and the effectiveness of the training.


Operators on the production site.

Objective of the digital training

Enable TOTAL technicians to understand the operation of centrifugal compressors, be aware of the risks associated with operating these machines, and know how to intervene in case of a breakdown. Finally, be able to perform routine operations.

Accessibility of the e-learning module

PC or tablet