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with XR training

Immersive learning uses virtual reality to immerse your employees in a simulated environment in which they can learn and apply the knowledge they have acquired without taking risks. Training in a virtual environment accelerates and amplifies real-world performance.

With 25 years’ experience in customized digital learning and its very first immersive projects carried out in 2007, Audace has acquired the maturity that enables it to serenely support you in your immersive projects. Its expertise, forged through over a hundred projects, enables it to claim the title of “pioneer in immersive learning”.

Audace carries out your virtual, mixed or augmented reality projects with agility, technical expertise and proactivity.


simulate everything,

except the commitment of your learners

They trust us

Simulate for

train better

the benefits of XR simulation

Since learning by doing and trial and error are still the best ways to learn, immersive learning enables your employees to develop new skills more quickly.

Training in technical skills (techniques for using or maintaining machines, professional gestures, processes, etc.), which involves simulating real-life situations, particularly in terms of risk management, but without compromising safety or productivity, remains a key area for the development of Immersive Learning.

Immersive Learning is particularly effective in 4 situations: the 4R

Rare Situation : conditions that are rare, difficult to reproduce, or costly to produce at full scale.

Risky Situation : learning to work in dangerous environments or learning to prevent risks

Repetitive situation : acquisition of a technical gesture or precise posture that requires repetition.

Rehearsal situation : overcome problems of equipment availability to train and master all the technical aspects of a sensitive operation.



With a team of passionate experts specializing in industry and vocational training, Audace is committed to providing you with the best tool, tailored to your needs and challenges. The result is a real return on investment for both the employee and the company.

Our latest achievements

Operating performance
Immersive Learning / XR

The Manut VR application designed for Orano DS is a virtual reality training simulator dedicated...

Operating performance
Customized Simulation

The Manut VR application designed for Orano DS is a virtual reality training simulator dedicated...

Operating performance
Immersive Learning / XR
Orano - "Iclarec II" VR

Device Iclarec II VR is a virtual reality (VR) training solution developed for Orano DS....

Operating performance
Business applications
SNCF - VR Sécumat application

The SNCF AR/VR Factory introduced “Secumat” in 2020, a virtual reality training application dedicated to...

Immersive Learning / XR
Orano - VR Seismic Risk Simulation

Verifying the reliability of equipment in the face of a force majeure event is nearly...

Safety at work
Immersive Learning / XR
Orano - Decommissioning and Services

Objectives The technical management of ORANO Dismantling and Services requested Audace Digital Learning to develop...

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