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Welcome to the Audace Digital Learning blog! Audace is pleased to share its latest news with you: discover the digital learning projects that have made our customers successful, and take advantage of our continuous monitoring of technological and pedagogical innovation… And don’t miss any of our events!

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Serious Game in VR: An immersive experience to attract new talents to cybersecurity at Naval Group

On the occasion of the FIC 2023 trade show, Audace was entrusted by Naval Group

The Reunion Chamber of Commerce and Industry is investing in VR-based simulators for logistics vehicle driving training!

The Reunion Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) has recently acquired three virtual reality training

Manitou, a leading company in material handling equipment, is strengthening its safety culture through a playful training program.

As a company specialized in the manufacturing of handling and earthmoving equipment, Manitou has established

Vertexa: An Innovative VR Tool for Early Management of Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders, such as anorexia and bulimia, affect a large number of people in France,

“The Metaverse is Dead, Long Live the Metaverse”

On May 16th, AUDACE participated in the seminar “The Metaverse is Dead, Long Live the

When VR becomes simple and ergonomic

AUDACE is particularly attentive to the technological advancements of virtual reality, which is constantly evolving.

The factors influencing of the ROI of an immersive training

When it comes to developing virtual reality training tools, a common question arises: What is

Memory Anchoring: Best Practices for Training in VR

Due to its realistic immersion, experiential nature, and safety, customization, engagement, and its ability to

Immersive learning: the ultimate stage of digital learning?

25 années d’innovation dans le Digital Learning débouchent sur l’Immersive Learning – une approche de

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