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Welcome to the Audace Digital Learning blog! Audace is pleased to share its latest news with you: discover the digital learning projects that have made our customers successful, and take advantage of our continuous monitoring of technological and pedagogical innovation… And don’t miss any of our events!

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[Webinair] The Power of Beauty in Digital Learning

In the world of digital learning, writing quality and aesthetics are not mere details; on


As part of the ongoing training for its employees, TotalEnergies has entrusted Audace Digital Learning

Audace Insights – January 2024

Every year, the Las Vegas CES unveils the most cutting-edge technologies, and the 2024 edition

Sony and Pimax: New Developments for Headsets

Sony has introduced a new XR headset that stands out for its focus on spatial

New augmented reality glasses, the Air 2 Ultra from Xreal, at CES 2024!

The Chinese startup Xreal (formerly Nreal) unveiled its augmented reality glasses, the Xreal Air 2

NVIDIA ACE (Avatar Cloud Engine): A significant upcoming addition to e-learning?

Revolutionize Your Experiences with NVIDIA ACE: Intelligent Avatars for a Playful and Instructive Future. NVIDIA

The GAI, star of CES 2024

Already last year, generative artificial intelligence (GAI) was the star of the Consumer Electronics Show

Serious Game in VR: An immersive experience to attract new talents to cybersecurity at Naval Group

On the occasion of the FIC 2023 trade show, Audace was entrusted by Naval Group

The Reunion Chamber of Commerce and Industry is investing in VR-based simulators for logistics vehicle driving training!

The Reunion Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) has recently acquired three virtual reality training

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