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Beyond training, opt for assisted maintenance

Thanks to innovations such as the use of digital technologies and advanced tools such as artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), data analysis and machine learning, industrial maintenance is becoming increasingly intelligent (“smart maintenance”), helping to minimize downtime in the production process.

Thanks to Smart Maintenance, anyone can carry out technical maintenance using a mixed reality headset. There are several solutions:

  • the image he observes is shared with a qualified engineer, who guides him from a distance;
  • using his helmet, he has access to an interactive map with automatic validation of the various stages in the process;
  • visually share the situation with other employees, despite sometimes complex environments

With the arrival of XR-assisted maintenance, no more losses due to machine downtime or costly training of “expert” personnel.

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Immersive Learning / XR
Orano - Mixed Reality Smart Maintenance

In collaboration with Orano R&D, Audace Digital Learning participated in the development of a device...

reasons to opt for XR-assisted maintenance

1. Visual and interactive guidance
2. Remote access to the expert (whoever he may be) if necessary
3. Uniform maintenance procedures and reduced human error
4. Reduced maintenance costs
5. Reduced downtime and associated costs