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Train through play

with our serious games

By using the power of video games, serious games are highly motivating and engaging for learners, especially for generations Y and Z, who learn while having fun. Plunged into fictitious or even offbeat situations, players benefit from a deductive pedagogy that enables them to learn in a practical and applied way.

The player is placed at the center of the learning process, with multiple opportunities for interaction that encourage greater involvement. What’s more, they can apply the knowledge and skills they acquire directly in the game, which benefits both them and the company. In effect, this shortens the employee’s time-to-operationality, while offering an opportunity to apply what has been learned virtually without taking risks in the real world.

Whether single or multi-player, on PC, tablet or virtual reality, the serious games developed by Audace have proven their effectiveness in developing skills such as process compliance and problem-solving, as well as communication and collaboration. Particularly when transmissive methods no longer work!

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As an HR manager, are you looking for more creative and innovative solutions to encourage active participation and better knowledge retention? Challenge your learners! Want to encourage experiential learning? Give them a mission in a virtual environment with which they can interact! Are you convinced of the power of trial-and-error learning? Rely on serious games, particularly useful when taking real risks can be dangerous or costly…

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For a serious game to be effective, it is essential to set up a gameplay (rules, objectives and game mechanics) that is both stimulating and relevant to the targeted training objectives. Game design, game play, development… Audace masters the know-how required to create serious games.

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We work in close collaboration with your industry experts to develop training programs tailored to your learners and your challenges.


Thanks to our extensive communications know-how, we can create original, engaging and motivating training courses that ensure knowledge is memorized.


Our training courses include reward systems to help your learners improve their skills.



Our multidisciplinary team is with you every step of the way to create your serious game: working closely with your business experts to develop the gameplay and then, ideally, using agile methods to develop, sprint by sprint, the serious game perfectly adapted to your training needs.

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