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Operating performance

Boost your employees' performance!

Acquiring new knowledge and skills, training in new tools or processes, strengthening communication and collaboration between teams… digital training is a powerful lever for improving a company’s operational performance.

Explore new ways to improve your training courses and maximize learning effectiveness! E-learning, serious games and immersive learning are essential solutions for boosting your training process, by giving learners the means to better memorize information and apply it more effectively and rapidly in everyday life.

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Technical training
Customized elearning

As part of the ongoing training for its employees, TotalEnergies has entrusted Audace Digital Learning...

Operating performance
Immersive Learning / XR

The Manut VR application designed for Orano DS is a virtual reality training simulator dedicated...

Operating performance
Serious Game
Kéolis - Manager learning

Objectives Multi-player training program for managers using collaborative tablets. Each game session corresponds to the...

Digital twins
Immersive Learning / XR
Annecy Electronics / Exxotest - Virtual Twin "Volvo D8 Engine"

Exxotest® is a provider of solutions for the analysis of onboard communication networks and after-sales...

Operating performance
Immersive Learning / XR
Orano - "Pool Decontamination" Simulator

Device Virtual Reality simulator for pool decontamination training: This simulator aims to enable the training...

Operating performance
Immersive Learning / XR
Orano - Mixed Reality Smart Maintenance

In collaboration with Orano R&D, Audace Digital Learning participated in the development of a device...

reasons to choose Digital Learning to boost your performance

1. Time and geographical flexibility
2. Cost reduction
3. Customized training
4. Progress monitoring and evaluation
5. Quick and efficient implementation