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Quality of life at work

Rely on digital learning to improve your employees' well-being!

According to a study published by Dell and the Institute for the Future, 85% of the jobs of 2030 don’t yet exist! Training enables employees to update their knowledge and stay up to date in their field. This is particularly important in fast-moving industries, where skills can quickly become obsolete. By offering continuing education opportunities through Digital Learning, employers ensure that their employees remain competent and efficient, which contributes to their retention.

In addition, specific training courses dedicated to well-being at work can help managers detect signs of declining motivation or even burn-out, and implement effective strategies to create a positive working environment.

Audace, a specialist in the design of innovative devices for industry and healthcare, has already created this type of training and can adapt it to your needs.

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Quality of life at work
Customized elearning
AFRAL & TOYOTA: Hygiene & Animation E-learning

Device The beginning of a fruitful collaboration! Last March, at the International Transport and Logistics...

Quality of life at work
Serious Game
A.Qua.VieS Association Serious Game - "Detect Me If You Can"

Extremely solicited to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, the mental health of healthcare professionals is...

Training / Education
Customized elearning
Aix Marseille University : Micro-learning management

Quality of life at work
Customized elearning
GRDF / Energy Formation E-learning "Pressure Reduction Station"

GRDF technicians are regularly required to intervene on gas pressure reduction stations (equipment designed to...

Quality of life at work
Customized elearning
Carsat E-learning "Occupational Risk Prevention"

Liés aux conditions générales de travail, les risques professionnels peuvent provenir d’une activité mal maîtrisée,...

Quality of life at work
Customized elearning
Carsat E-learning "Prevention of Psychosocial Risks"

Device As part of its missions, CARSAT Hauts de France, a social security organization under...

reasons to choose Digital Learning to improve QWL

1. Occupational risk prevention
2. Accessibility of training courses
3. Job satisfaction and self-esteem
4. Stress reduction
5. Collaboration and knowledge sharing