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Wiconsulting – Fire simulator


Fire Training ?
Ignite the virtual fire!

E-learning training on tablet + a simulation device
A turnkey solution for fire safety training.

“The employer shall take the necessary measures to ensure that any outbreak of fire can be rapidly and effectively fought in the interest of the rescue of workers.” Article R4227-28 of the French Labor Code regarding fire safety

To meet the objectives of fire safety training, which include being able to react during a fire, knowing the essential rules for building evacuation, conducting an extinguisher-based fire suppression attempt, isolating risks, and notifying emergency services, Audace Digital Learning and Wi-Consulting have developed a fully digital training solution. The learner discovers and memorizes the theory thanks to the elearning module. They then practice using the fire extinguisher through virtual reality simulations. Several scenarios have been designed (fire in a trash can, fire from brake pads in a parking lot, etc.) with varying levels of difficulty. Now, it is allowed (and even encouraged!) to play with fire (virtual, of course)!

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