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Dare to be creative to learn compliance!

Compliance is essential for companies that need to keep up with current laws and regulations.

These are constantly evolving. Opting for digital training helps keep your company up to date with the latest regulations, avoid sanctions and protect your reputation.

E-learning, serious games and immersive learning are the perfect methods for learning in a fun and educational way, making content that is sometimes difficult to digest. They also enable employees to learn at their own pace, and can simulate realistic situations.

Audace offers you original and engaging modules to improve your company’s compliance culture and reduce the risk of breaches.

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Immersive learning

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Business applications
REPIAS New Aquitaine - Respi'Quizz application

In a healthcare context, healthcare professionals are particularly faced with the risk of contamination, against...

Customized elearning
Match Supermarkets - Cybersecurity and GDPR

In 2022, successful cyberattacks in France represented a cost of €2 billion. To counter this...

Customized elearning
Institute 4.10 Elearning “D’Pass”

Transforming 4-day face-to-face training by using various distance learning methods (virtual classes, social learning, platform...

Customized elearning
Supermarkets MATCH Elearning “SAPIN II Law”

Device Since 2016, companies with more than 500 employees and a turnover exceeding 100 million...

Customized elearning
Banque de France Elearning “Files and access rights”

Objectives The Banque de France has decided to implement a distance learning solution aimed at...

reasons to choose digital learning to boost compliance

1. Raising awareness of rules and standards
2. Accessibility and availability
3. Formative and summative assessments and certifications
4. Fast, regular updates
5. Reports and audits