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Machine Simulators

lifting and handling for industry and logistics

AUDACE - Simulateurs VR

Drawing on its expertise in virtual reality, Audace has developed simulators for training drivers in the operation of logistics equipment, enabling them to prepare for various CACES® qualifications: C3 and C5 forklift trucks, auxiliary cranes, aerial work platforms (PEMP), automated assembly cranes (GMA), overhead and gantry cranes, etc.

Do you need to train a large number of employees? Organize a safety day? or simply test before adopting? Our VR simulators for machine operator training are available for sale or rental.

Turnkey VR


for training in complete safety

Immersive, connected and intelligent, the VR simulators designed by Audace for training drivers of lifting and handling equipment are turnkey solutions for initial training or renewal of CACES® driving licenses.

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train on
VR simulator?

Skill acquisition is often most effective when it’s based on a hands-on, trial-and-error approach. Immersive learning offers added value for skills enhancement. Learning on a VR simulator enables you to train in a simulated, controlled environment to accelerate and amplify your performance in the real world.

Prepare your learners for safe driving,
before confronting them
driving a forklift or real machine


to train on
VR simulator

Safe environment

VR training allows learners to make mistakes without taking any real risks. Prepared for what they will encounter in real life, learners generate fewer costly or dangerous accidents in the field.

Diversified training

VR driving simulators can offer a variety of scenarios and conditions (weather, traffic, machine types, hazards, etc.). Learners are trained to deal with a wide range of situations.

Repeated practice

With a VR driving simulator, learners can practice as many times as they need. This enables them to master the necessary skills faster and more reliably.

Cost savings

Driving simulators can cut training costs by a factor of 20. VR training allows more learners per session, reduces the costs associated with using real machines (wear and tear, fuel, maintenance, etc.) and eliminates the need for specific physical training sites.

Objective assessment

VR driving simulators can record and analyze learner performance accurately and objectively. This can help identify areas for improvement and tailor training to individual needs.

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