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Overhead and gantry crane driving simulator


Overhead crane driving simulators designed and distributed by Audace.


for an experience
anything but virtual



CACES® R484 Overhead travelling cranes and gantry cranes ;

Bridge operators retraining for CACES® R484 bridge and gantry cranes ;

CACES® R484 bridge and gantry crane operators with little experience of driving on the ground and needing to intervene urgently;

CACES® R484 bridge and gantry crane operators who have to prepare a specific ground-handling mission;

Under the supervision of a trainer authorized to provide CACES® R484 overhead crane and gantry crane training to company/industry personnel.



Validation of overhead crane driving skills ;

Learning to drive as part of an initial training course before training on a real machine (reducing the time needed to mobilize the real bridge and increasing the availability of the training operators);

Refresher training for bridge driving (no mobilization of the actual bridge) ;

Productivity: learning how to drive bridges under time pressure.


Learning controls

Learning movements

Load slinging

Controlling load swing

Lifting and positioning maneuvers with flexibility and precision

Decomposed and synchronized movements by positioning the load at a precise point

Operation following command and communication gestures

CACES® training course

Advanced course

Standard kit


Standard model components (mobile)

• Virtual reality headset
• Control box
• Carrying case on wheels


• Highly ergonomic equipment makes training accessible in all situations




Immersion in your working environment

Modeling your working environment: photo and video scouting, dimensioning, then 3D modeling true to your working environment. 1 bridge only or multi-conductor combined bridges.

Creation of customized scenarios

Adaptation of scenarios to your production requirements and in accordance with your safety specifications:

Our training engineering teams draw up a synopsis for each assignment, which you validate;

Our teams of digital directors and engineers configure the simulator for a unique and totally efficient personalized experience.

Customize the simulator to your colors

Adding and customizing a logo

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