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Set of technologies allowing to create a third dimension on Medias or display.

To remember
Don’t confuse the 3D object and 3D rendering.
An object is said 3D when it is defined according to the three dimension of the space. But an object can be broadcasted on a 2D medium (case of the printing).
3D rendering is a display allowing to simulate a third dimension to the display in order to mislead vision. We also speak about stereoscopic 3D.

There are two types of 3D object broadcast:
The pre-calculate 3D: this is a movie staging 3D objects, lighting and one (or several) cameras. The movements are determined in advance: the control of the learner is limited. That makes it possible to get very faithful rendering because the calculations are carried out in advance on powerful stations.
The real time 3D: 3D objects and lighting are placed on the stage. The camera is freely controlled by the learner. The display of the stage is calculated in real time by the learner’s computer. The rendering is usually lower because limited by the computing power of the terminal.
It is possible to get a digital object in three real dimensions:
• By 3D printing
• By a holographic rendering

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