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A graphic charter defines the basic rules for the use of graphic signs constituting the visual identity of an entity.
It includes: logo / font / colours / colours variation / rounded graphic elements, angular… / pictures & illustrations… / size and position of elements.
According to the customer and project need, it can be adapted and completed if element are not defined.

To remember
The graphic charter is a document provided by the customer.
The creation of a graphic identity / a particular atmosphere for a particular project is common. We call «graphic line» or «artistic direction» the graphic theme of the module, often linked with the subject.

Each training can be:
• Energized by a mascot : creation of a character who goes with the learner all along the module
• Enriched with a red thread: recurring motif integrated to the DA combined with the learner progression in the module (example : roadmap B73, frieze B9E)

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