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Set of devices allowing to integrate touch into a HMI.

To remember
These interfaces diversify:
• force feedback controls (steering wheel, joystick)
• touch screen with click back
• haptic arm


HMI is the acronym of Human Machine Interface.
That refers to set of devices allowing interaction between the computer and its user.

To remember
Acquisition interfaces: keyboard, mouse, joystick, motion sensor (WiiMote, Kinect...), and microphone.
Rendering Interface: screen, stereoscopic 3D glasses.
Combined interfaces: touch screen, force feedback control.

The glasses said 3D can be of several types:
• 3D glasses (active or passive) which allow to have a 3D rendering come from an external screen.
• Stereoscopic 3D glasses which integrate two screens (one per eye) in order to feign the third dimension.
We talk about stereoscopic and gyroscopic 3D glasses when these integrate a motion detector in order to modify the display according to the head position.


Next revision of the Web HTML language.
Current development version, no « standardized » (finalisation of the spec in 2014).
It allows the direct taken over of the Rich media (audio and video) and the interactive contents.

To remember
Any web content made with this language is accessible on PC, tablet and smartphones.
The language is still developing so unstable according to the available technologies for the learners.

The HTML5 is incompatible with the old navigators.
CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is a computer language which describes the presentation of the html pages. The CSS3 norm allows to manage the Responsive Design, i.e the adaptation of the stylesheet of the content to the width of the navigator.

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