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There are currently 3 names in this directory beginning with the letter L.

A LMS or “Learning Management System” is an online training platform, allowing the learning path management.
A LCMS or “Learning Content Management System” is an online training platform, allowing the creation and the learning path management.

To remember
According to the norm and the used modules, it allows the result recording, the tracking time spent…
Administrator side: learner management, management of training sessions.
Learner side: access to the contents made available to follow his training.
Trainer side: putting on-line / design of learning path, follow-up of learners.

A LMS can integrate a lot of functionalities:
• virtual classes for distance learning sessions
• chat between the learner and the trainer / between the learner
• sharing space / downloads for document sharing, medias...
• presential training management gestion des formations présentielles


Localisation is the adaptation to a content according to a regional / country area. That mainly includes the translation problems.

To remember
In addition to translation, localisation can integrate:
• The Broadcast problems heeding the available technologies
• The cultural problems (colours used…)
• The brand problems (logo, graphic charter…)
Localisation is mainly done by outsourcing the media to avoid recompiling the content.

There may be additional constraints with languages say exotics:
• Writing from right to left or from top to bottom
• Units of measure
In opposition of externalisation of Medias, we speak about encapsulation.


Ludification is an addition of a game mechanism in other fields such as learning situations, work situation, ect… to increase the acceptability / passage of information. Other used word: gamification. Serious gaming is the adaptation of an existing game in order to process of a serious topic. Serious gaming most often goes through the addition of extensions developed specifically.

To remember
Ludification is not exclusively reserved to the multimedia field.

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