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In e-learning design, media coverage is the phase of design and production of the media: illustrations / animations / videos / voice-over recording… The design is under the responsibility of the educational designer, the production is up to the multimedia team.

To remember
The level of media coverage is defined during the offer. The media coverage intervenes once the scriptwriting made.

According to the customer need, to his budget and his available sources, the level of the media coverage can be adapted.
For example:
Level 1: no media production (supplied by customers and integrated as such)
Level 2: production of illustrations and simple animations (posting / masking)
Level 3: production of illustrations and 2D complex animations, audio sync, integration of simple video sequences (interview)
Level 4: production of illustration and 3D complex animations, integration of complex video sequences (report)


In the case of a game or a simulator, motor is the part of the software which defines the learner possible actions and the object behaviour (movements, collisions, score...)
By extension, we will talk about motor for the typology of interactions as part of an e-learning.

To remember
The complexity of the motor can then go against the ergonomics.
It is appropriate to limit the type of interaction in order to not divert the learner attention of the content.

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