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E-learning: Knowing the essentials about deconfinement


The time for deconfinement has come… It is time for you, like thousands of French people, to return to the workplace. For several weeks, we have learned to protect ourselves, revise our behaviors, and transform our activities. But the world of work must also reorganize itself! In order to assist organizations in welcoming employees under the best conditions and reinventing workspaces, Audace Digital Learning, a specialist in safety and prevention training, has created two training modules for managers and employees to learn the essentials about the post-lockdown period.

Manager module

Chapter 1 – Introduction to Basic Knowledge
Chapter 2 – Organizational Measures
Chapter 3 – Cleaning and Hygiene

Pedagogical objectives

Raising awareness among managers about hygiene measures and organizational rules to be implemented in their organization to comply with legal obligations and safeguard the health of their employees.

Employee module

Chapter 1 – Introduction to Basic Knowledge
Chapter 2 – Getting to my workplace
Chapter 3 – The workday
Chapter 4 – Break times
Chapter 5 – Going back home

Pedagogical objectives

Emphasize the importance of barrier gestures and the new habits to adopt in the workplace in response to the current epidemic context, while empowering the learner to become an active participant in ensuring everyone’s health and safety.

Discover the module here

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