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EFS Training “Main Indications of PSL” (EF12)

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Commercialized by Audace Digital Learning for Campus EFS, this e-learning course focused on PSL (Labile Blood Products) is intended for all healthcare professionals involved in the transfusion chain.

This e-learning course allows prescribers to understand the transfusion indications for the three main PSL (Red Blood Cells, Platelet Concentrates, and Fresh Frozen Plasma) in three clinical contexts referenced by the Haute Autorité de Santé (French National Authority for Health): surgery (anesthesia, intensive care, emergency), medicine (hematology, oncology), and neonatology. At the end of an interactive learning journey, built on the principles of neuro-pedagogy, the learner is able to specify, for each of them, their transfusion indications as well as their specificities. In short, this training course is a logical continuation of the EF09 module “Transfusion Safety and Characteristics of PSL” (30 minutes), providing further knowledge and understanding in the field of transfusion medicine.



To understand the transfusion indicators of the three main PSL (Labile Blood Products) in three specific clinical contexts identified by the Haute Autorité de Santé (French National Authority for Health).

Concerned professions

Targeted at all individuals involved in the transfusion chain, regardless of their role or profession.


  • Introduction
  • The regulatory framework
  • Surgery & prescription of PSL
  • Medicine & prescription of PSL
  • Neonatology & prescription of PSL

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