Florence module: Identity-vigilance for 15 € HT per learner only

The pitch: “A patient almost suffered an intervention that was not intended for him. Conduct the investigation with Sylvie, a health executive and member of the Identity Watch Cell, to review all the procedures, from the collection of identity to the data entry, and discover with her where the error could have been committed …»

By accompanying Sylvie in her survey and by meeting the various members of the different services, the learner reviews with her the procedures relating to the identity-vigilance, the good practices of identification to the rules of data inputting. At the end of the game, the learner discovers where the error was committed.

A 20-minute pedagogical elearning with integrated assessment.

And in the catalog, 4 other serious games:
• Florence, blood transfusion
• Florence, fire safety
• Florence, infectious risks
• Florence, drug circuit


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