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Volume 1 – Module 2 of the Collector “Training for Operators in Maintenance Practices”

E-learning "Lubrification"

Mission objectives

  • Provide practical knowledge to detect, correct, and manage lubrication anomalies.
  • Facilitate the task of maintenance personnel, enabling them to better fulfill their role as mentors ;
  • Contribute to the continuous improvement of machine reliability.

Target audience

This module was made for :
  • To personnel without maintenance training, responsible for conducting lubrication inspection standards on their machines, as part of autonomous maintenance.
  • For maintenance personnel in need of a knowledge refresher in lubrication or seeking to enhance their skills in this field.
  • It should serve as a support for more qualified personnel in training less qualified personnel.

E-learning training

Duration :
Half a day

Training location :
In the classroom or on a dedicated workstation, to be complemented by on-the-job training.

Contact :


This module covers :
  • the knowledge of lubrication practices,
  • the various components to be lubricated,
  • their proper use,
  • their operation,
  • anomalies and their consequences.

Pedagogical resources

Online training materials accessible through e-learning platforms.
This module of operator training for maintenance practice utilizes digital resources to immerse the learner in the functioning of the components of an installation.

This immersive experience, facilitated by animations, exercises, and high interactivity, aims to accelerate the knowledge acquisition of equipment and enhance the understanding of their operation (learning time reduced by 2 or 3 compared to traditional classroom and training center methods).

The trainee, guided by a tutor in face-to-face sessions, as well as individually on a dedicated workstation, can learn about maintenance through concrete cases of known malfunctions.

This module provides a flexible and tailored training solution that adapts to each individual’s pace, while ensuring support and dialogue with the tutor or trainer.

A quiz is conducted for each sequence and at the end to assess the knowledge acquired by the trainee.

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